Welcome to the Rana Cheikha brand, a stylish and design-centric world focused on form, pattern and construction. With the aim to veer from the standard mold of trends sweeping the world today, the brand aspires to create unique products that combine classical style with a contemporary edge.

Supporting the Livelihoods of our Artisans

Rana Cheikha works with a small group of handcrafters and businesses to bring you exquisite leather shoes. The aim is to keep alive traditional shoe making techniques and knowledge in footwear production. By investing in our products, you are supporting a beautiful industry that is slowly being taken over by mass-produced products.

From flat sandals and slides to high heels and bridal shoes, every piece is handcrafted, made-to-order or completely custom made to elevate you to a whole new level of understated luxury and style. Rana Cheikha operates based on the batch process system. This means that no item is mass produced, and that each piece is made with that bit more love and care.

Rana Cheikha x Sama Store

Under Souls by Rana Cheikha, the label was given the opportunity to co-design and created the Rana Cheikha X SAMA pump, exclusively made in limited numbers and available for purchase only through Sama Store.

Watch the short film below for a peek at the story behind the creation of every pair, a story which is an expression of this collaboration: a commitment to create a relevant space for artisans and to advocate for a truly handmade product.

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