About | Rana Cheikha



Rana Cheikha is Lebanese by origin but worldly in mindset. Having studied both footwear and accessories design (in Italy) as well as graphic design (in Beirut) is indicative of where her passion lies: the aesthetic, great design, exceptional details. The brand is her life’s inspiration, and an expression of her being and a tribute to her background. 

 She learnt the trade from artisans whose families have been doing so for generations and worked beside them at their workshops in the hills of Tuscany, Italy and Norte, Portugal. Experts in the luxury industry have mentored and instilled in her the importance of quality. She has combed Europe to find the finest craftsmen who share her values and want to be a part of the brand she is shaping today.

Using a personalized process of thought that is shaped by transforming 2-dimensional designs into 3-dimensional creations, each product undergoes an evolutionary process through various stages of experimentation and transformation. The common starting point in each piece is the dedication to quality, the underlying belief behind every exceptional detail and a commitment to conveying beauty through each product.

This Lebanese Designer creates handmade shoes under her namesake brand, Rana Cheikha, that will elevate you to a new level of understated luxury and style. Being a flat sandal or high heels, every shoe is handmade in Portugal or Lebanon from Grade A fabrics and materials, primarily genuine calfskin leather. This gives each pair the beautiful characteristics of leather shoes that only improve with age.

Whether a selection from the collections, made to order shoes, wedding shoes or creating a personalised product from A to Z, what the Rana Cheikha brand offers is distinct in every way.