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Souls by Rana Cheikha

Souls by Rana Cheikha is an exceptional one-to-one tailor-made experience, unique in its approach to realising the imagination that exists in the mind of every individual. Under Souls, customers are given the exclusive opportunity to work with the Rana Cheikha label to create an unparalleled product fit to their unique story, and sole.

In this concept, Souls by Rana Cheikha provides and guides clients with the design, sampling and production tools to cater to the creation of custom shoes for events and groups – primarily brides, bridal parties and wedding guests.


// DESIGN Services for the shoe // Unique and personalised product design based on event theme and client requirements, or customisation of an already existing product.

// DESIGN Services for the shoe branding // Logo design and branding for the product to be implemented on the shoe sole and/or insole.

// DESIGN Services for the shoe package // Unique and personalised design of product packaging based on event theme and client requirements, or customisation of already existing packaging.

// Sampling // One or several samples to be created until fit and design are realised perfectly with client expectations.

// Production // Production based on project briefing and client requirements in sizes available from 17 – 42 (including newborn to one-year soft shoes).


Souls by Rana Cheikha is affiliated with Moments Weddings, the luxury wedding planners and consultants that cater to the creation of authentic and unique events through their team of dedicated professionals.

Visit momentsweddings.events  for more information.


// Get in touch here or by email at rana@ranacheikha.com for more insight, queries and information //

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