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Comfortable Handmade footwear shoes store
Handmade footwear shoes store
Comfortable Handmade footwear ranacheikha
Comfortable Handmade footwear shoes store ranacheikha


Under Souls by Rana Cheikha, design, comfort and creation go hand-in-hand – and at the base, problem solving is the primary focus in any project.

For one very special client, a shoe was needed to address each point in her brief. A wedding shoe primarily that was also diverse enough to fit outfits in different styles and colours – one that could be worn over and over again – and most importantly, a shoe that was well-made and comfortable enough to dance in till the early hours of the morning.

As a response, numerous materials were explored and examined, numerous structures and molds were tested until a shoe, well-made, by hand, the proper way, was created.

The final was a made to order one-of-a-kind piece, produced using the brand’s personalized process of development. These high heel were handcrafted in Beirut with optimal artisanal technique from 100% genuine leather that can be seen at first glance.

Our client danced till the early hours of the morning – in her heels, with no complaints and without switching into the flats she had as backup.


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