Rana Cheikha & Esmod Workshops

Rana Cheikha & Esmod Workshops

Esmod shoe design workshopEsmod shoe design workshopEsmod shoe design workshopEsmod shoe design workshop

// Workshops at Esmod Beirut

Rana Cheikha, Founder and Creative Director of the Rana Cheikha Brand, was approached by Esmod Beirut with the opportunity to collaborate in a footwear design workshop. The aim was to share information and knowledge, and guide each individual to take a single point of inspiration and, through creative processes, transform it into a something unexpected.

The workshop was designed to allow a complete overview of footwear design and production that will lead to the process of developing a collection for each participant. It was focused on research and thought, design development based on a theme and range building of a collection.

The early stages of the research process were conducted in parallel with giving technical information. This included studying leather and materials, shoe components and even looking at shoe care. Different types of business models were also touched upon, being made to order versus bespoke or the wedding shoe versus collection shoes.

Later workshop sessions were composed of the design development process that led each individual to use the research gathered for mood boards and designing. There was a lot of one to one and group discussion throughout the process for direction and inspiration.

The collections ranged in every sense, from focusing on high heels to developing the perfect urban and travel shoe, every one of the participants resulted with unique creations worthy of the Lebanese designer creativity.

// Get in touch here or by email at rana@ranacheikha.com for more insight, queries and information //

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