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Issue – #16
February 2016
(Print and Online)

Here are interview excerpts:

To introduce Rana Cheikha, Alef wrote:
"One of Doha’s brightest up-and-coming designers debuts her eponymous collection of shoes this month. Rana Cheikha’s first collection features six distinctive styles, each with a backstory as beautiful as the shoe and with names inspired by locations in Lebanon. Cheikha filled us in on finding inspiration, designing, and realizing a dream."

and when asked the designer for any words of wisdom for other aspiring designers, Cheikha replied:
Don’t get discouraged by what people have to say. You’re going to hear a lot of different feedback, but stick to your original idea - what you really want to do. Obviously designs change as your develop, but remember your starting inspiration, and at some point you just have to go with whatever you feel is right and suits you best. And if it’s a mistake, learn from it and move on!"

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