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House of Coco Magazine ranacheikha

Issue – Empowering Women Through Fashion #Girlboss
May 2016

Here are interview excerpts:

To introduce Rana Cheikha, House of Coco wrote:
"Rana Cheikha is a formal and casual footwear company specializing in the design and production of high quality leather goods. It is a design establishment first and foremost, and approaches she industry in a creative way merging technique and the "well made" with art. Experience, artisanal technique, collaboration and creativity are the driving force to move forward and aim of rate best."

and also mentioned:
"The Rana Cheikha Label represents a modems active and confident individual. It has an aesthetic appeal that is beautiful and interesting as well as practical. It is made for those who call a unique timeless product. The purpose is to challenge hte current footwear industry in the Middle East by introducing an innovative look to creative artistic products of quality."

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