5 Best Summer Shoes to Live In

5 Best Summer Shoes to Live In

If you are blessed to live in a country with a perfect summer, then you can without a doubt spend your entire time outdoors enjoying warm summer days and cool summer nights. It would be the season for lunches in the mountains and dinners by the beachfront, for exploring the small and winding village streets and uncovering hidden gems of boutiques and cafes.

Having so many activities also means that you need the footwear to get you through an active and diverse season! 
Summer Slide Sandal

If you’re staying close to home, then it will probably be easy to grab and change footwear as often as you like, but if you’re escaping the city to coastal and mountain villages or spending time overseas, then you might want practical options that are suitable for a wider range of outings and outfits, and I'm going to help guide you through the 5 best summer shoes to live in.

  1. The Block Heel Pump
    The block heel pump may be the answer to all our needs. It is comfortable (if selected smartly), stylish and easily transitional for day to night. My favourite? The Oh So Gorgeous Dinieh 5cm block heel in cherry (and also available in black). The shoe is made of a beautiful cherry calfskin leather which will look fabulous with your glowing tanned skin. Easily dressed down with shorts or up with s cute summer dress, its comfortable fit and adjustable laces will have you bouncing through those summer months.
    Red Block Heel Pump Summer Shoe
  1. The Flat Leather Slide
    Flat leather slides are a summer must-have. They are easy to slide on and off when running between the beach and beachside cafes and the perfect option to quickly throw on with any outfit. The entire Wander by Rana Cheikha Collection is made with that kind of comfortable transitional wear in mind. A number of styles and colours will keep you equally comfortable as graceful going from lunch to sunset cocktails to dinners. They are all easy to dress up or down and ready for you to slip on after a relaxing day at the beach to get you right into discovering any coastal town.  
    Summer 2022 Slide Sandal
  1. The Comfy Fashion Sandal
    Fashion sandals might have a reputation for having a short trend-focused lifespan, but there are a few exquisite options (such as the Hiyat or Arqa from the Rana Cheikha collection) that are not only a timeless investment, but will also have you beaming with sophistication.
    Hiyat summer shoe
  1. The Moccasin
    Moccasins are the type of shoe that are comfortable and healthy for your feet. They are a great city shoe that will keep your feet well protected while walking and exploring, and are also a great transitional option if packing for an end-of summer trip when the warm weather might change from one day to the other. The Medan moccasin is a great example of this. This is why it has become one of the iconic pieces from the Rana Cheikha collection and available in mustard, cobalt and crimson colours (with more options coming soon for summer 2022!).
    Summer 2022 shoe moccasin
  1. The Season-less Ankle Boot
    Although not an obvious selection, a summer ankle boot can definitely give you that rock’n’roll look and can be stylishly paired with a jean short or cool summer dress. My go-to option is the Rehan Ankle Boot that screams sophisticated cool - for summer definitely opt for the gorgeous pine and black version. They can be worn bear legged (with invisible socks) or with a pair of thin fun summer socks and are great for exploring the streets of mountain villages or for cooler summer night walks.
    Summer Ankle Boot

The summer season is always full of energy and colour, and your lifestyle during those months will probably reflect that. Even if your wardrobe is quite classic and muted in mostly natural tones, there is no harm (and on the contrary, an absolute must) to accessorize and put on a comfortable and wonderful shoe. The Rana Cheikha and Wander Collections are in no shortage of great options, and the perfect place to shop for your 5 best summer shoes to live in this 2022 season.

Signing-off: Rana Cheikha for The Shoe Advisor 


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