Best and Easiest Shoe-Safe Tips for Covid-19

Shoe-Safe Tips for Covid-19

It is an understatement to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives. The virus has reshaped our day-to-day activities, routines and habits. Hygiene has been the main force in fighting the risk of contamination and caused a dramatic shift in the way we keep everything we are in contact with, including food, clothes and even entire spaces, clean.

Shoes are no exception to this, and here is why:

Research has proven that the COVID-19 virus can survive on a wide range of surfaces. This can last for several hours or extend to several days. Since shoes are a main point of contact in public areas, it follows that shoes also risk bringing the virus into our homes.

No need to fret though!

As a preventative measure, we have collected a few tips on how to sanitize and clean your best shoes!

  1. The ultimate strategy to avoid bringing the outdoors in is to take your shoes off before even entering your home!
    Once off, shoes should be kept in a separate area, ideally by the door. You can then clean your shoes while wearing gloves, otherwise make sure to wash your hands well immediately after.
    Keep a separate compartment or box for your cleaning products, and don’t forget to read our Caring for your Rana Cheikha Shoes blog for ways to keep your handmade shoes in the best condition possible. You can also add the use of a shoe disinfectant and deodorizer spray to your cleaning routine, just make sure it is leather-friendly. Check out the Combat Cleaner Ultimate Shoe Cleaning products that offer lots of great options.
  2. Use an adhesive sticky or tacking mat
    These mats work following the same concept of lint rollers. Various brands offer these and work by you rolling the soles and sides of your shoes on. Check out the CleanPro Adhesive Sticky/Tacky Mats version, the non-toxic adhesive will remove dust, particles or even air-borne contaminants. The mats come with disposable sheets that can be removed and disposed of once soiled. 

  3. Use a boot and shoe cleaning device
    Similar to what you find at a shoeshine stand, a brush shoe cleaning device is a great no-fuss and quick way to clean your shoes at the door. These devices carry two types of brushes on a sturdy frame. The bottom bristles that are stiffer clean the soles of your shoes while softer side bristles clean the upper of your shoes without damage. This is great for natural and handmade leather shoes. Check out the Scrusher Original Boot and Shoe Cleaner that are durable and easy enough to move around, they also look old-school cool!

  4. If you do prefer keeping your shoes on, or are in someone else’s home and would rather keep your best shoes on, opt to throw on a shoe cover. These are a quick and easy fix that are easy to use and dispose of.
Most importantly, stay sanitized and stay safe.

Signing-off: The Shoe Advisor


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