Best Ways to Protect Your Summer Shoes

Protect Your Summer Shoes in Sudia Arabia

Taking care of your leather shoes year-round is an important task. This will make sure that your favorite footwear not only lasts, but also stays looking great. 

Summer Shoes 2021

If you live in locations of strong heat where the summer season extends to most of the year, this becomes even more necessary. And if you are in countries that have extreme sun exposure, like the Gulf countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Kuwait, this becomes imperative.

Here’s how exposure to these harsh heat conditions will affect your leather shoes:

  1. Natural leather will get dry, crack and even shrink.
  2. Fibers within the leather are affected by the steam and water vapor that develops internally, and will then become brittle and stiff once it cools.
  3. Soles can become loose due to the reaction that glues and adhesives have to heat. 

No need to worry though! 

Follow our list of shoe care tricks to help keep your leather shoes in great condition. Although these tasks may seem like a burden, they are quick and guarantee to make a long-term difference.

Protect Your Summer Shoes 2021

  1. Protection: Protecting your shoes before they are exposed to the harmful ultraviolent rays of the sun will make a huge difference. This will prevent the leather from drying and aging. Instead of trying to restore your shoes after they are ruined, proper leather protection from the get-go will make sure you have a lot less to fix after strong sun exposure.
  1. Storage: The way you store your shoes makes a huge impact on how they look on your feet once worn. This will affect the leather, shape and how they feel. The best place to store your shoes is away from light in a dry and cool area. It is also important to make sure they have enough space, either in their shoe boxes or lined up with space between each pair.
  1. Shoe Fillers: These are imperative to keep the shape of your shoes, and also help to absorb the moisture which is most common after wear in hot weather.
  1. Conditioning: Conditioning will help keep your leather shoes hydrated. Conditioning should be done after your shoes have been properly cleaned. A small amount of product rubbed on the entire shoe will make sure the leather remains soft and hydrated. 

For quick no-fuss daily leather care, make sure to also follow these tips as well:

  1. Try to keep your shoes hidden from direct sun exposure. This will limit the discoloration of the leather and the deformation of the shoe.
  2. After a long day’s wear, keep them out to dry before storing them.
  3. Try to not wear the same shoes every day.
  4. Do not keep your socks in your shoes.
  5. Clean your shoes regularly.
  6. Read our ‘Caring for your Rana Cheikha Shoes blog for ways to keep your shoes in the best condition!

Protect Your Summer Shoes 2021

Rana Cheikha shoes are primarily made using calfskin leather, which is a great option for summer (just read our Summer Shoes blog ‘Summer Shoes 2021 - Keeping Your Feet Happy & Healthyto find out why). Investing in a pair of these handmade shoes is a guarantee that they will last, however proper leather care, especially in extreme and harsh conditions, is essential to making sure they continue to look great for many years.

Shop the Rana Cheikha and Wander Collections to slip into a pair of our favorite summer shoes 2021.

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