Fashion Brand Identity

Brand identity : Proof of Life.

Branding dates as far back as to ancient Egyptian times when it was used to brand and identify ownership of livestock, to basically make known which cattle belonged to whom. Although in a different context, branding in today’s consumer world continues to serve the same primary purpose – identification.

A strong brand identity is what makes the entire impression of a brand and company, it is the personality and image as a whole. It is the mold by which every product or service has to pass through before coming out in public for consumer interaction.
Fashion Brand Identity

In my opinion, there is no stronger element for a brand to possess than that of a strong identity. It is the power to have a language of its own, and one that is solid enough to speak for itself.

There is a reason to why the word identity is selected to describe the factors that distinguish a brand – and that is because it tells a story through a product (or service) and creates dialogue across an entire product range. It allows a target audience to feel like they are a part of the world that has been created for them, and gives the audience an emotional experience that was specifically selected for them. It creates a very clear direction that allows the brand to move forward, expand and improve while remaining true to their origin, all while allowing the public to keep that same connection to them.

A brand identity also sets the work process which guarantees that any end product can be traced back to its origin. This usually follows the path: concept - research and development – sampling & testing – production & marketing.
Fashion Brand Identity

So what’s the problem?
The problem today is that brands with a lack of strong identity are taking over the consumer world - everything looks the same! 
This is mostly due to lack of creative effort related to cost, time or perhaps just laziness. It seems like most products are a mirror image of each other, and most of the time this is because they actually are the same product.

In the typical fast-consumer market, products can be sourced from the same supplier, a giant manufacturer who conveniently gives the option to ‘brand’ an item with colors and materials of choice. After that, a logo can be slapped on, and voila – a ‘unique’ branded product ready to be marketed and sold is created. The reality is, this exact item might have been sourced by tens of other brands who have slightly adjusted the product and also called it their own.

At some point, the same question always arises:
Is this a problem created by the consumer or the supplier and/or brand?

In my opinion, it is a combination.

Brands (generally speaking of course) are not taking enough time to research, study and create unique products. The consumer, in turn, is not taking the time or effort to understand enough about the product and process. This lack of appreciation makes products that are truly unique (and that take a longer time, more effort and have higher costs) to be undermined. It means that more products, with less personality and lower prices, are taking over the world.

Brands that have a strong identity, a strong base and a focused vision is proof that there is a creative and knowledgeable person behind the brand and behind every decision being made to distinguish each product from what’s out in the market. It is proof of life. Having this, in my opinion, is gold.

A strong identity creates a reliable brand that the audience can believe in. It allows for consistency and purpose. It means that people are not only buying the product, but also buying into the brand and its beliefs. It makes sure that the audience will remain faithful and earn more trust with the passing of time. 
Fashion Brand Identity

At Rana Cheikha, every item possesses a distinguishable characteristic that links it to the core beliefs of the brand identity. Birthing from various influences and backgrounds, the brand continuously grows from inspiration and the world. It is a brand whose concept has been created from the physicality of the ground on which people live on, and that takes each person on an individual journey.  For this reason, the products under the brand label do not follow trends, and instead create room for each individual to integrate the items into their own life and style, and together with the brand create unique stories.

To do this, the Rana Cheikha Team works alongside knowledgeable artisans and technicians with years of experience with the aim to create the best and most honest product possible - ones that will portray its story of creation, and age beautifully. It then aims to share its journey and story, and share ideas through and Instagram page @rana.cheikha (follow us here!).
Fashion Brand Identity

The Rana Cheikha Brand Identity does not stop at the physicality of the products (design, form, function) but continues to the communication and interaction that it has with the audience at any point in time. Establishing individual relationships between designer and audience is also key to understand what is wanted and what is needed, and as a result create a community of like-minded people. The concept of the brand, the lifestyle it highlights, and the products it creates is built on these relationships.

This just means that we really do love when you get in touch! So reach out, and let me hear your thoughts!

Signing-off: Rana Cheikha for The Shoe Advisor 


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