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Elevating Your Shoelace Game: A Guide

A small detail, such a shoelace, can result in a more personalised look. With its numerous materials, styles, colours, lengths, sizes, and accessories shoelaces can be laced and tied in different methods adding a subtle touch of intrigue to any outfit and transcending its function of a mere safety feature ensuring a secured foot and a proper fit.

Lacing and knotting your shoes differently can become a daily routine or the preserve of special occasions, it basically depends on how often you wish to shake things up! Also, it is a more affordable and sustainable way of revamping and customising a pair than purchasing made-to-order or bespoke (read about the difference betewen them here!).

Without further ado, here is a quick guide to dip your toe!

  1. Corset lace

    Anything corset takes us back to the Victorian era, a time of movement restriction. And what could be more unusual than turning these connotations head over heels? Instead of tightly lacing your bodice, tightly lace your shoes to move freely around town, from hopping down the metro stairs to gliding across dance floors! The corset lace works perfectly with boots since it requires longer shoelaces, so why not try it with the sexy optical illusion that is Teir!

  2. Moccasin knot

    One of the oldest shoes discovered by archaeologists was a moccasin! Its aesthetics evolved with time, but its functionality and versatility remained. It is gender neutral and can be worn with skirts, shorts, jeans, dresses, or suits. Moccasin are known for their distinct seams, so why not add a distinct knot as well? The moccasin knot is visually pleasing, purely decorative and designed specifically for slip-on shoes. Therefore, don’t go and try it on your sneakers, test it on the Medan instead!

  3. Ladder lace
    Despite its appearance, a ladder lacing stays very tight while adding a distinctive look. With its three eyelets per row, cut out design, long laces, and lace-up style Rehan would be the proper shoe to pair it with. Don’t shy away from playing with contrast and bringing a grungy flair to a classic sbkle boot.

  4. Berluti knot
    The eponymous Berluti knot was introduced in the 1970s. Inspired by the elegance of English royalty, it is renowned for never coming undone unless its wearer decides to. With its almond toe borrowed from formal footwear, Kawkab is a perfect match. Who said that summer sandals and sophistication don’t go together?

Now now, I am aware that some of these shoe lacing and knot methods look challenging, but so was the criss-cross and bunny ears when you were a child! Pick your favourite style, and the next time you take your laces off to polish your shoes, add ten minutes to learn its pattern at first, then with practice comes mastery!

You can also read the guide: The Proper Way to Polish Your Shoes: A Guide for more tips on caring for your shoes, or the blog: The Medan Moccasin, what IS it all about? For some footwear history and knowledge.

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