Shoe Toe Shapes

Everything You Need to Know About 4 of Our Favourite Shoe Toe Shapes

From the streets to runways and even red carpets the sneaker is no longer limited to sports. It has conquered the market with its multiple finishes and colours to become a staple of modern fashion. With its design sneakers took from us the beauty of appreciating different shoe toe shapes and the magic of styling them!

Don’t shy away from looking distinguished. Experimenting with shoe toe shapes should be everyone’s playground! And here is everything you need to know before your first trial! 

  1. Plain Toe
    Plain toe shoes are shoes that do not have a line of stitching separating the toe area from the rest of the foot. It is the go-to style for dress shoes such as oxfords, loafers, and even certain moccasins. It tends to suit Egyptian feet best.
    Egyptian Foot Shape Plain Toe Shoe Toe Shape
    Conventionally, men and women wear them with tailored pants. That being said, I prefer to wear my Medan Moccasin with midi summer dresses and skirts.
    Plain Toe Shoe Toe Shapes

  2. Square Toe
    Square toe shoes is an umbrella name covering both shoes with a squared off end and with an extremely well chiseled almond end. It tends to suit Roman feet best since it gives more room, thus more comfort.
    Roman Foot Shape Square Toe Shoe
    It is the go-to style for boots, especially cowboy ones. For years, it has gone in and out of style, and renowned designers experimented with it. Our dearest, Rana, opted for a deconstructed sandal version, Kawkab, that I would style with Capri pants.
    Square Toe Shoe Toe Shapes

  3. Open Toe

    Open toe shoes are shoes with an opening at the front exposing the toes, thus suiting all types of feet.
    Asian Foot Celtic Foot Germanic Foot Shape Open Toe Shoe Toe Shape
    Styled with any lightweight flowy outfit, the ultimate summer style comes in high heels for women or flats for both genders, with minimal showing of the toes or maximal exposure like the Mari sandal.
    Open Toe Shoe Toe Shapes

  4. Peep Toe
    Peep toe shoes are conventionally worn by women only and are best suited for Greek feet.
    Greek Foot Shape Peep Toe Shoe Toe Shape
    They are dress shoes, such as pumps, sling-backs or boots, revealing the big toe, like Lail for example, and my all time favourite Teir. The latter is an optical illusion masterpiece. What seems like peep toe and thick tights at first, turn out to be gorgeous suede fabric after closer inspection. Wear it with an all-black look and no one will be able to tell the difference! 
    Peep Toe Shoe Toe Shapes
    Peep Toe Shoe Toe Shapes Lail

Now, I will let you in on a secret. On a lazy day I still consider taking refuge in rounded toe shaped sneakers but knowing that I will feel equally as comfortable and more elegant in my Rana Cheikha shoes changes my mind! So, the next time you are shoe shopping, take your time to try different types and models on to also enjoy the benefits of effortlessly distinguished. Below are some of my favorites!
'The Way Its Worn' Toe Shoe Shapes in Rana Cheikha Shoes

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