How to Choose the Correct Size when Shopping for Shoes Online

How to Choose the Correct Size when Shopping for Shoes Online

Online shopping has become the greatest and most convenient form of shopping. It has created accessibility to unique pieces and uncommon brands right from your home.

The Rana Cheikha Brand is all about exploration and travel, and we love the fact that the Brand is now able to spread across the globe with a simple click of a ‘purchase’ button. 
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A critical factor in shopping for shoes online is in knowing how to choose the correct shoe size, especially since different brands in various parts of the world use separate measuring systems. There is no universal shoe size standard and sizes as well as fits will differ from one manufacturer to another and one brand to another.

Most online retailers, including the Rana Cheikha Brand, do offer flexible exchange policies, but being able to get the size right from the first time round removes the inconvenience of dealing with returns – and especially from having to impatiently wait for your product to arrive again! So how to choose shoe size, and how to check shoe size online is the trick here. This will guide you in how to buy shoes online.

The most recommended way to get the fit correct would be to take your foot size and use the brand’s specific sizing chart or guide to determine the best size for you.

Most guides come with some quick tips on how to choose the shoe size according to their chart, and to help even further, here are some quick tips to consider before taking your foot measurements:

    1. Use the brand’s own size chart if available
      Measure your foot and use the brand's size chart to determine the correct shoe size (make sure to follow the instructions for how to check shoe size). 
    2. Look at the shape of the shoe
      It is important to notice the details of the footwear model and if it is narrow or wide. 
    3. Read the product description
      Product descriptions often include information notes on the fit. These can include details such as “wide fit” or “fits small to size, take a larger size”, and this would really assist in how to check shoe size. 
    4. Think about seasonality
      Consider the season when you will be wearing the shoes. During summer months, the feet usually swell and would require a size up from your usual, while you might be wearing thick socks with your shoes in colder winter months. This would additionally effect hoe to choose shoe sizes.

Measuring your feet to determine the best shoe size for you is not complicated. It only takes a few minutes and guide in how to buy shoes online.

It is best to take the measurement of both your left and right foot because sometimes one foot is slightly larger than the other. If that is the case, then always use the size of the larger foot when choosing the shoe size.
shoe size guide

Ready? Follow the steps below to ensure you measure your feet most accurately when you shop for shoes online:

  1. Print our SHOE SIZER guide (linked here) at 100% scale. To check if the size is correct, the measurements of our scale (in blue) should match the centimeters of your ruler or measuring tape.
    measuring shoe size using size guide
  2. Fold or cut at the heel line. You should still be able to see the heel line.
    measuring shoe size using size guide
  3. Place the paper with the heel line against a wall, you can optionally tape the paper down to the floor so that it does not move.
    measuring shoe size using size guide
  4. Measure your foot to the size line. The red numbers are the sizes.
    measuring shoe size using size guide

A few additional notes:

  1. To know how to choose shoe size, make sure you DO NOT select the size your toes are covering or are right at the edge of the guide line, select the next size up. You must be able to see the top of the size line clearly.
  2. Make sure to read any notes included in the product descriptions. Some of our models carry a narrower fit.

It is normal for your foot size to change over time. This can be as a result of age, weight fluctuation, health issues (such as fluid retention), or pregnancy to name a few. How to buy shoes online if that's the case? It is best to re-take your foot size before buying new shoes online if you feel that one of the above or similar cases might apply to you (especially if it is a new brand) .

Now that you know how to take your shoe size, it will be much easier to select the right size from the Rana Cheikha or Wander Collections. We are also always happy to guide you and help make your sizing decision easier, so feel free to take a photo and share your results via email to, or message us on our Contact Us or Instagram pages to know how to choose shoe size.

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