Block Heel Shoes Right Fit Comfortable Dancing Shoes

How to Find the Perfect Dance Shoes

Who doesn’t aim for a good cardio-based night out?! Dancing the night away is not only great fun but can also be a great workout as well – come in the need for the right footwear. Considering the setting, you might want to look extra fabulous as well, and for that reason, we have made sure that our block-heel series is there to get you on your feet and to dance the night away in no time.

The Importance of Proper Fit
On a daily basis, wearing ill-fitting shoes is an absolute nightmare, leads to discomfort, and can lead to long-term foot problems. This is heightened when being more active than usual in your ‘non-active wear’ shoes – like when dancing. Here, comfort, support, and flexibility are paramount - hence the genius of the low block heel that we have incorporated into many of our styles. It gives that height and style without the dangers and discomfort of wearing something like a high stiletto heel, and without having to opt for a flat or sneaker if you want the extra height to look a bit more fabulous or formal.

Considerations When Choosing Dance Shoes
We have a great range of block heels that we have deemed perfect for a night out on the town. The material choice in itself is a great aid, the natural leather gives durability and breathability. Sole flexibility and arch support also enhance comfort and performance, while closure types such as lace-ups (in the Noura or Dinieh 5cm pictured below), Block Heel Shoes Right Fit Comfortable Dancing ShoesBlock Heel Shoes Right Fit Comfortable Dancing Shoes

or buckles (in the Lail pictured in our blog feature image above) provide varying levels of adjustability and security.

We even have you covered in the cooler seasons with our block heel boots (the Teir below).

Block Heel Shoes Right Fit Comfortable Dancing Shoes

And why not pair your shoes with a fun and sparkly pair of socks? This not only gives a fun and funky look while making the shoes comfortable but also works to protect your toes while on the dance floor!

Products to Enhance Shoe Comfort
Although our block heels are comfortable enough as they are, it might be a good idea to explore professional dance shoe accessories to use in order to make sure you have optimal comfort when expecting a long night out.

Here are a few recommendations (paid links):

  1. Dr. Scholl's Love Your Heels & Wedges ¾ Length Insoles
    Specifically designed to reduce foot fatigue and absorb shock during dance movements. They feature a gel cushioning system and arch support to enhance comfort and stability.


    Dr. Scholl's Love Your Heels & Wedges ¾ Length Insoles


  1. TemiArt Metatarsal Pads
    These gel pad cushions provide targeted cushioning and support to the ball of the foot, reducing pressure and friction during movements. They are lightweight, soft, and can be worn for added comfort.
    Pain Relief Morton's Neuroma Foot Pads
  1. FootMatters StretchAll Premium Grade Shoe Stretch
    This spray helps stretch and soften leather and other materials in shoes, making them more comfortable and accommodating, especially for wider feet and pressure points. It can be used on various types of shoes to customize fit.


    FOOTMATTERS StretchAll Premium Grade Shoe Stretch


Prioritizing comfort and performance is an absolute must with any pair of shoes, and if a night out of good fun is coming up, you don’t have to lose your style for comfort, you just have to know how to pick the right shoes. Invest in footwear that allows you to wear them in comfort and without feeling the need to compromise on your style. Our block heels are there to give you optimal comfort, support, and style. Check out our range of Block Heel Sandals and our Block Heel Boots!

And, as always, feel free to reach out for additional guidance or see the rest of our blogs from The Shoe Advisor for more insights and tips on everything footwear!

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