Summer Shoes 2021 – Keeping Your Feet Happy & Healthy

Summer Shoes 2021 – Keeping Your Feet Happy & Healthy

Summer is the season we all wait for, it is the time to let our hair down, travel and explore the world while working on that much-loved summer glow. Highlighted by long active days and easy-going evening attire, it is important that we look down at our feet and make sure that we not only look stylish but feel cool and comfortable as well.

Summer Shoes 2021 RanaCheikha

Contrary to popular belief, leather shoes are the best option for summer.


Because natural breathable materials are imperative for the health of your feet. 

A summer shoe should be light in weight. It should also be breathable, so the more natural the leather the better. The quality of the leather used also plays an important role, cheaper leathers are treated to hide blemishes on the skin reducing the material breathability. 

Lightweight soles, like single leather or micro, also help to keep you feeling cool and comfortable throughout a warm day.

This is exactly where the Rana Cheikha production stands and the reason behind choosing to create our handmade shoes in natural leathers. We do not stop at the uppers, but make sure that the soft leather lining of every pair of our sandals, slides or shoes will ensure breathability for your feet, and that the padded leather insole will also guarantee your long-lasting comfort. 

We do offer some style in fabric materials, but always chose to line them with natural leathers as well.

Summer Shoes 2021

The Hiyat and Mina from our main Label Rana Cheikha are two of our favorite options for summer shoes. The supple leather used and exquisite hand-finished weaving will keep your feet healthy while looking fabulous.

The Rasha, Alma and Medan, also from the Rana Cheikha Collection, are unique because of their trans-seasonal quality. Not only are they great for cooler autumn and spring seasons, but the soft and breathable materials used to construct these shoes make them ideal to wear throughout warmer months as well.

Summer Shoes 2021

The Buko, Bara, Roko, Moyo and Akai from our Wander by Rana Cheikha Collection are all optimal choices as summer shoes.


Because the entire concept behind the Wander label is about that summer ease while you are busy conjuring up stories of travel and exploration.

The Wander Collection focuses on creating quality, easy to wear stylish summer shoes using Grade-A materials that are breathable and long lasting. After ensuring that your feet will be happy and healthy, intricate details give each slide its own unique personality. 

The colour scheme selected for the entire collection enables you to pack light on your travels and enjoy uncovering the hidden gems of your favorite holiday destinations as they will pretty much match anything in your suitcase. They are also easy to dress up or down, you can slip them on after a relaxing day at the beach and get right to discovering any coastal town. The use of easily adjustable straps on models like the Akai make sure you remain equally comfortable as you do graceful, while the complete openness of models like the Roko definitely give you that free summer feeling.

Feel like slipping into a pair of these summer shoes 2021? Shop the Rana Cheikha and Wander Collections!

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