Feet & Age Changing Shoe Size

The Conundrum of Our Fathers’ Feet

The following is based on actual events. The names and locations have not been changed.

“So, the 40 must have been tiny! Half of his foot was out!”, Rana said while laughing. And indeed, she was right.

It all started with yours truly ordering a Joon for my father, believing it will fit him perfectly, after all I never faced a sizing problem before…
Little did I know that we will be needing a pair in 43.

“Did you have this problem with other men?”, I asked.
“Only my dad! Seems like a fathers thing!”, Rana replied.
“I think their feet changed with age …”, I added.

Turns out we were right! Feet do change shape with age, and here are our primary findings…

  1. A “falling” of the arch
    With age our tendons and ligaments start losing strength, resulting in a decrease of the foot arch, therefore increasing the space that our feet and toes take by one size to one and a half size. The condition is also commonly known as a flatten foot, and certain diseases, like diabetes, accentuates it.
    Feet & Age Changing Shoe Size
  2. Wider not longer
    Unlike when we were children, throughout our middle aged years, and due to the above-explained elasticity loss, our feet get wider and not longer! Therefore, the extra space we are in need of is not at the back of the shoe rather its front. A good example is Kawkab’s square toe.

  3. Avoid narrow toe boxes
    To avoid the feelings of pain and discomfort, there is no need to give up on being stylish and to live in your flip-flops. Just accept the changes, and simply opt for shoes with extra toe space. And ladies, unless you are absolutely still at ease with walking in stilettos, then please consider lower heels options for a more secured support like Noura, Dinieh 5cm, Teir, or Lail.

Back to our conundrum, with the sizing problem being solved, my dad has been living in his custom made black on black Joon since he received it.
Feet & Age Changing Shoe Size

And before closing the case, I would like to add a footnote testifying to Rana Cheikha’s customer service’s great professionalism and stressing on the importance of taking advantage of her “Try Before You Buy” option!
Feet & Age Changing Shoe Size

Look up the blog post titled: Try Before You Buy: A Deal Made in Heaven for more information regarding the process, and the blog: 10 Tips for Finding the Right Shoe to increase your chances of picking the perfect fit! 

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