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Planning your next getaway? Perhaps a weekend in the mountains or exploring a new corner of the world. Maybe your next trip is business related – Whatever it may be, there is no doubt that packing your shoes the right way is important to avoid damaging your favorite pair during your travels.

A few good tips come a long way to ensure you put your best foot forward in your best shoes possible – literally!World Travel Shoes

We’ve made an easy check-list to ensure your shoes are always looking fabulous, wherever you may be. Follow these tips on how to pack your shoes, as well as what to pack with them.

    1. Use Shoe Trees
      First things first. Shoe trees are necessary to maintain your shoes’ form and prevent creases, especially when in your luggage. They also help to prevent moisture from building up inside your shoes and will keep them fresh too! World Travel Shoes
      Although wooden options are the best and also look beautiful, they are quite expensive and heavy – especially for travel. Lightweight plastic options are great when on-the-go, otherwise stuff your shoes with the paper that’s already there when you’ve purchased them. Stuffing your socks inside your shoes is another great way to keep their natural shape, this way you save on packing space too.

    2. Use Dust Bags 
      Pack each pair of shoes in a dust bag, in an interlocking shape, and place it between your clothes to avoid damage. Rana Cheikha provides a great pair with every purchase! Other than looking great, they are soft and can also be used to wipe gentle dust off your shoes.World Travel Shoes
    3. Don’t Forget Your Shoe Accessories
      Your shoe care products are just as important when traveling as they are when you’re at home. Keeping basic products handy will make sure your shoes are always looking great. A simple polish, brush and rag will do you wonders.

      Polish is a basic item that is a quick way to get keep your shoes looking pristine. It will revive colours and make them look great in no time. A good brush, like a horsehair brush, is best for leather shoes. It is gentle and will remove scuffs and stains, also help you to learn how to fix scratched leather shoes yourself. These items are lightweight and don’t take up too much space.

      It’s also a good idea to allocate a travel care bag or pouch for your products. You wouldn’t want them getting lost in the suitcase between your clothes or accessories, or even worse, opening and spilling everywhere!

      Read our Caring For Your Rana Cheikha Shoes blog to find out more.World Travel Shoes
    4. Clean & Protect Your Shoes
      Don’t forget to clean your shoes regularly, even on your trips leather care is important! Always make sure to keep them clear of any dust or dirt. You can clean your leather shoes with a special leather cleaning cream and suede with a suede brush. Using a waterproof spray is also a good idea for more sensitive materials. 

Rana Cheikha shoes are handmade of genuine calfskin leather, which means the leather is supple and will take the form of your foot – that’s what makes them last for years and get more comfortable over time. Taking a few steps to pack them properly and protect them throughout your trip will take you a long way. It will also avoid you having to do major maintenance when back home.World Travel Shoes

Now that you’re set for any jet-packing trip, enjoy your travels while looking shoe-fabulous - and most importantly don’t forget to share the adventures that your Rana Cheikha shoes take you only using #ranacheikha

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