10 Tips for Finding the Right Shoe

10 Tips for Finding the Right Shoe

The first step in finding the right pair of shoes may surely begin with falling in love with the design, but then, a whole bunch of requirements are needed to make sure it’s the absolute right one.

We have all purchased that beautiful shoe the in the most perfect colour that very quickly turns into a very sore reminder that a beautiful pair of uncomfortable shoes will always remain as such. It will unfortunately gradually collect dust in the back of your shoe closet because the pain is never worth the look.

This can very easily be avoided, and although you might have that perfect looking pump right there in your hands, it is difficult to admit that the smartest option MIGHT be to put it back on the store shelf right where it was, and continue your search for finding the right shoe specifically FOR YOU.

Ain Oxford rana cheikha shoe

How to avoid a terrible shoe purchase decision? Here are 10 tips for finding the right shoe:

  1. Shop for shoes in the afternoon or at the end of the day.
    Your foot expands during the day, as we walk and as the weather gets warmer from morning to midday. Since you would want shoes to be comfortable throughout the entire day, shopping for shoes later in the day will allow for a more accurate fit.
    matching watch and shoe
  1. Try the shoes with the type of socks you intend to wear.
    It makes most sense to try the shoes on shoe with the type of socks you will be wearing with them – this could be stockings, thin socks or thicker sports socks.
    Ain Oxford shoe with socks
  1. Try the left and right side.
    Our left and right feet often dress different sizes. For that reason, it is best to try on both the left and right shoe and stick to the larger size (if needed) to ensure the shoes will be comfortable for both sides.
    wear left and right shoes to find perfect fit
  1. Check the length of the shoe.
    Stand in the shoe and notice how your foot feels from your toes to the heel. Make sure that there is a bit of space up front (about a finger’s width) and that you can wiggle your toes comfortably.
    check length of foot for finding the right shoe size
  1. Check the width of the shoe.
    In addition to the length, it is also important to notice the width of the shoe. The widest part which is the ball of the foot, should fit comfortably.
    check width of shoe for finding the right shoe size
  1. Walk in the shoe.
    After checking the length and width, walk a little and make sure that the shoes are comfortable and holding your foot in all the right places.
    walking in Dinieh T-Strap Shoe
  1. Check the heel against your foot.
    Make sure the back part of the shoe is comfortable when walking and does not slip off. If they do, it might be better to opt for a size smaller, or if the shoe fits well otherwise, opt for an insole that will help with the fit.
    jumping in Dinieh T-Strap Shoe
  1. Don’t rely on shoe sizes.
    Shoe sizes differ from one manufacturer to another, so it is best to always try the shoes on or use the brand’s size guide to make sure you’re purchasing the correct fit, especially if buying from a new brand. Have a read through our ‘How to Choose the Correct Size when Shopping for Shoes Online’ article and always use our Size Guide to ensure a more accurate online purchase from ranacheikha.com
    shoe crafted in lebanon label
  1. Check the materials used.
    Is the shoe made in real leather? Look at the inside of the shoe. Is it well put together, are the lining and insole made of leather? Does the insole have cushioning? Is the sole durable and of a firm construction that doesn’t bend easily, sturdy enough to provide support? The answer to these questions should be yes.
    materials for lining insole in real leather shoes
    materials in real leather shoes with padded insole
  1. Break in your shoes.
    There will always be some stiffness with new shoes, and must therefore be broken in. A new pair of shoes should never right away be worn out for a full day, but rather for short errands or a couple of hours 2 or 3 times till they have broken in.
    Ain Oxford shoe under the sun

There is no perfect shoe for every foot. Because each person’s foot is so anatomically different (even your own left and right feet might need a different fit), one brand may fit perfectly for one person and horribly for another. That doesn’t mean that the one brand is better than the other, just that the moulds used are closer in shape to the anatomy of the foot that feels comfortable in it.

tightening Ain Oxford shoe

At the Rana Cheikha brand, the aesthetic of the shoe is primary in the initial phase of design. But form and function soon follow and are quickly incorporated into design decisions to make sure that the shoe is wearable and sturdy. Tweaks are also always made throughout the sampling process to make sure that fit and comfort are just as great as the look.

Want to have a try? Shop the Rana Cheikha and Wander Collections right now!

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