Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Wedding Shoes

Mistakes to avoid while buying wedding shoes

There are a great deal of things to take into account when planning a wedding ranging from what venue to pick, selecting between DJ or live band and who will make it onto the guest list. But the one that makes it to the top of every bride’s to do list will always be the what to wear, after all, all eyes will be on the bride, and the look has to be fabulous from top to toe.

The outfit will depend on a number of items like season and formality of the party. Whatever the details are, there is one factor that must make it to the top of the list in my book, and that is comfort because in all the excitement, happiness and love thats the only way to enjoy the day. There will be no way to appreciate, enjoy or feel the happiness if you’re uncomfortable, especially when it comes from your feet. This is an easy problem to avoid when you consciously know what to look out for in advance!
Mistakes to avoid while buying wedding shoes

And since I always like proper preparation, here’s a guide on mistakes to avoid while your buying wedding shoes (or shoes for any event for that matter!).

  1. Selecting look over comfort
    I cannot stress enough that no matter how beautiful a pair of shoes are, they will be absolutely useless if they are not comfortable! Your wedding day has to be about everything other than uncomfortable shoes, and wearing a pair of 6 inch strappy stilettos might look absolutely fabulous with your dress, but is it worth not being able to be on your feet throughout your wedding mingling with people and dancing the night away? Absolutely not! So never EVER pick style over comfort! You can always find the shoe that combines comfort and style, like the beautiful Noura block-heel sandal available in Cream and in Camel.
    Mistakes to avoid while buying wedding shoes
    Mistakes to avoid while buying wedding shoes
  1. Putting shoes low on your priority list.
    Although the outfit (dress, pant-suit, or whatever you choose to wed in) may trump shoes in importance, they should be considered at about the same time. One reason is because you want to make sure they look good together, but more importantly because you will also need them during fittings and alterations. This is especially the case for style if wearing a short dress, or length alteration if wearing a long dress or pants. If you are wearing a long dress or pants, you also want to make sure that your shoes won’t catch the ends of your outfit while walking or dancing, this usually happens if shoes have beading or embellishments or are open from the back.
  1. Not breaking-in your shoes
    Although you might think you want to keep your wedding shoes brand new up until the big day, this is a very bad idea. Your wedding day shoes, just like any other pair of shoes, will need a break-in period to get comfortable. This is imperative as you will be active, standing, walking and dancing for quite a few hours. You can just wear your shoes around the house to help soften the leather and identify any other needed adjustments. If you haven’t already, read ‘How to Stretch Leather Shoes’ for more tips.
    Mistakes to avoid while buying wedding shoes
  1. Not taking the venue into consideration
    The venue makes a big difference to the style of shoe, and particularity the heel of the shoe. Is it indoor or outdoor? Will there be a dance floor, or is it a carpeted ballroom? Is it in a garden and will you be on grass? Or perhaps it’s a beach wedding, wouldn’t make sense to wear a pair of sky-high heels to that!
  1. Not wearing a style that you’re used to
    This is not the time for experimentation, so if you are not usually one for high heels, don’t make this the day that you will start wearing them! It takes time to get used to wearing a significantly different heel height than your usual, so stick to what you know and feel gracious in as you don’t want to be wobbling the night away, or worse yet, twisting an ankle while pulling off some fabulous dance move. If you do occasionally wear heels and just need a little more confidence then go for it, just practice a little in the new pair and follow my ‘Tips for Walking in High Heels’
    Mistakes to avoid while buying wedding shoes
  1. Not getting shoes that you will wear again
    I understand that the odds of finding a second occasion to wear a big white puffy wedding dress will be slim to none, but that definitely doesn’t apply to your shoes. Why buy a pair of shoes that you will wear only once when you can invest in an amazing pair that you can wear again? So, keep that in mind when you make your shoe selection. 

There is no correct wedding shoe standard, but only shoes that work for you. You can choose a pair of white satin, strappy, 6-inch sandals, a pair of fabulous bejeweled blue ankle boots, or a metallic flat lace-up like our fabulous Mari sandal pictured below. Whatever they are, they should be comfortable and they should project your own style. 
Mistakes to avoid while buying wedding shoes

If you’re looking into shoes for your big day, don’t forget you can always reach out to get advice, styling direction, or assistance in picking one of our fabulous models that could work for you! And if you haven’t already, check out the below custom pumps we created for ‘The Practical Bride’ and the amazing 'Celine' project where one fabulous bride pampered her entire wedding party with custom designed nude lace-ups!
Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Wedding Shoes
Mistakes to avoid while buying wedding shoes

Signing-off: Rana Cheikha for The Shoe Advisor 


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