Summer Shoe Storage For Winter

Preparing Your Summer Shoes for ‘Hibernation’: A Step-by-Step Guide to Safe Storage

As the weather cools down and we all get ready for the winter season, we start looking into making space for our heavy winter wardrobe and packing our summer gear. Although many items in the Rana Cheikha Collection are versatile enough to be worn in summer, winter and those strange in-between season days that we have been facing globally (read the blog “The Transeasonal: Seasonless Footwear” for my overview), there are certain models like strappy-sandals and open slides that may not be as much of an option when the weather does get cold.
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For that reason, we do have to think of proper storage for those VERY summer shoes. Proper storage is of utmost importance to make sure that they remain in pristine condition for when they are back in action in the midst of those hot summer months.

In this guide, I will give you some tips to make sure they are well and properly packed. This will ensure they maintain their condition and will be looking good once brought back out to be worn!

The Importance of Winter Shoe Storage
Before starting, it is important to understand why the process of storing your summer shoes is quite important.

  1. Prolonged Lifespan
    If shoes aren’t stored properly when not worn, they can be damaged and loose shape, all things will take away from the years that you would otherwise be able to benefit from them.
  1. Preserving Their Appearance
    Keeping your shoes away from dust and moisture by proper storage will help to maintain the look and quality of the shoes and leather. 
  1. Saving Space
    A very big plus to properly and efficiently storing shoes is the amount of space you can save your closet. 

Essential Products for Winter Shoe Storage
Now that we’ve recognized the importance of summer shoe storage during winter, lets looks at a few of the essential products that I would recommend to ensure proper and efficient storage.

Product 1: Shoe Containers or Boxes
Shoe containers or boxes are VERY a very practical solution to keep your shoes organized. They keep them protected and the clear ones also allow you to see your shoes (in case you need to grab a pair for a trip or unexpected warm day!). I would place one pair of shoes in each container, make sure they are clean and dry before storage (you can refer to my blog "How to Keep Your Shoes Shinning" for a quick guide). And on another note, if your shoes have delicate embellishments, consider wrapping them in acid-free tissue paper to prevent any damage.
I recommend: Sturdy, stackable containers with ventilation holes work best. I absolutely love products from ANTBOX and SEE SPRING with different options of shoe organizer storage boxes. They’re super practical and look good too!! – options from both pictured below (paid links)

Product 2: Silica Gel Packs
Moisture is a real nightmare for shoes, and buildup can lead to bad odors or mold that will ruin your shoes. A simple solution is using silica get packs that control humidity inside shoe containers. They are very easy to use, just place a couple of silica gel packs in each container.
I recommend: Silica gel packs that are easy to find at any craft store, or just re-use ones that were in other products you’ve purchased!

Product 3: Shoe Trees
Shoe trees have many important benefits including absorbing moisture from your shoes and maintaining the shape for shoes that you wear often (read my blog “Why You Need Shoe Trees” for an in-depth overview about them).

They will also important to keep your shoes in tip-top shape while in winter storage by maintaining shape and minimizing creasing, just insert a shoe tree into each pair of shoes. Shoe trees come in different materials and can be found at different price rages (Read “Types of Shoe Trees” for an overview). 
I recommend: For a budget-friendly version, I like the ultra-lightweight one-size option from PEDAG because they’re also a perfect option for use while traveling. For a splurge (and heavier yet better wooden option), I like the BBSJ wooden shoe tree - both pictured below (paid links)we are here

Preparing Different Types of Summer Shoes

As a general note, it is important to clean any shoe before storage, making sure to remove as much dirt and dust (even from the soles). To store them, also make sure they are completely dry (inside and out) and any product is well absorbed and has also dried.

Sandals: Apply a leather conditioner for leather sandals (or fabric protector spray for fabric ones) and store them in shoe containers, wrapped in tissue paper.

Sneakers and Athletic Shoes: If the insoles are removable, it is a good idea to remove them. Clean the outer material and stuff the shoes with newspaper to help keep their shape.

Espadrilles and Canvas Shoes: Using fabric protector spray is important with fabric and canvas shoes to help avoid staining. It is important to store these types of shoes in containers to avoid dust and moisture.

High Heels: Apply a leather conditioner for leather heels (or fabric protector spray for fabric ones), and use dust bags or wrap each shoe individually in soft cloth to prevent scuffs.

General Winter Shoe Storage Guidelines
As winter days start to end, it becomes time to finally dust off your summer shoes and prepare them for the sunny days ahead! To do so, inspect your stored shoes thoroughly and lookout for any damage. This can be loose stitching or loose soles. If you do find any, it’s a good idea to have them treated at by your local cobbler as soon as possible.

You can then give your shoes some TLC by cleaning and buffing them to bring them back to life. It would be a good idea to apply leather conditioner or fabric protector, before wearing them in a new summer season.
I recommend: Leather Honey Leather Conditioner or Lexol All Leather Care to condition and fabric protector spray

We’ve seen that with a few good housekeeping (or should I say shoe-keeping) tips, your shoes will be well taken care while not in use and stored away. By using a few storage products and following care guidelines depending on the type of shoe, you can be sure that your most loved summer shoes will come out in hibernation in pristine condition. These small tips won’t take much of your time, but will definitely help to increase the lifespan and maintain the quality of your shoes!

Signing-off: Rana Cheikha for The Shoe Advisor 
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