Transeasonal Leather Shoes

The Transeasonal: Seasonless Footwear

Seasons are no longer what they used to be. Our global expectations of spring, summer, autumn and winter have changed, and especially so in countries where the climate passes through the four seasons. Global warming has effected every aspect of our lives. It has brought hot summer days into the midst of winter, and rainy clouds and gloom into what should have been a sunny summer afternoon.

As we adjust to living in these undefined changing climatic pockets (a change we must address seriously as global warming becomes a bigger problem), our wardrobe will undoubtedly have to follow in suit. Although what we wear might be seen as the lighter side of the global warming issue, it is still a part that will affect us. We need to think of practicality in the pieces we choose because of the weather changes, and also because the pieces we choose in the way they are made and used also affect the environment. Investing in the right pieces means that we are buying less ‘fast fashion’ items (an industry that is responsible for almost 10% of global emissions) – but let’s keep that discussion for another day (or blog in this case!).Transeasonal Leather Shoes

What do I mean by needing to think of practicality in the pieces we choose because of climate change?

Well, packing our full ‘summer wardrobe’ into storage as October approaches, or traveling with only our lightest clothing and sandals whilst on summer vacation will no longer be the standard. Transeasonal dressing finds its place in no better a time as now as we approach stranger climate changes.

I could easily advise you on wearing sandals in summer and boots in winter, but isn’t that the norm? More interestingly, I believe, is shedding light on the versatility (and greatness in my opinion) of transeasonal dressing. This not only applies to clothing items - layering your favorite summer pieces and finishing off with a great coat during winter, and stripping down that same outfit to the basics and styling it with lighter accessories for a summer look. That same concept can, and should, be applied to footwear as well.

As a big fan of investing in transeasonal pieces, the current climatic ‘situation’, let’s call it, places no better sense in doing so. A large number of models in the Rana Cheikha Label are preached upon for being versatile and easy to wear dressed up or down, and more over are just as versatile in their ability to be worn throughout the seasons as well.

Core pieces from the Rana Cheikha Label have always been easily adapted for seasonal (and the in-between) weather. Investing in a great pair of shoes that will be useful all-year round is what the Lebel is all about. Being able to take a single pair of shoes (like the Rehan ankle boot or Rasha brogue) and style it in January with a pair of stocking or high socks, corduroy skirt and gorgeous overcoat, and then re-styling it in summer bare-legged (or with those very useful invisible ankle sockies) with a frilly and flowing short summer dress is pure perfection. Who wants to pack away a great pair of shoes for months when you can take advantage of them all year round!

Traveling is also made easier (and lighter) in this way, as fewer items are needed if you are traveling to a location with unstable weather, or with hot days and cooler evenings, or even if you can be visiting several locations with various climates one after the other. The same pair of shoes should work well during the day (barelegged) and in the evening (with socks). I love the newly launched Kawkab lace up for this, or the classic Ain or Alma in this circumstance. 
Transeasonal Leather Shoes

The Kawkab in the gorgeous forest green or cool grey is perfect if you prefer darker or lighter looks, and great in both winter or summer seasons. The open sides and front keep your feet breathing in summer, and worn with socks when the weather gets cooler keeps you warm while giving that cool stand-out detail.

The Ain, worm with a short dress, skirt or even shorts (and even with short socks) will give a wonderful preppy look, while worn with high socks or stocking and a long dress or pants will keep you feeling warm and looking sharp on cooler evenings.
Transeasonal Leather Shoes Transeasonal Leather Shoes

And the Alma? Oh, the Alma is just perfect, with its cut-out upper that will give you the sense of a closed sandal and the edginess of wearing a boot (with or without the socks that is). 
Transeasonal Leather Shoes

Models such as the Dinieh and the Dinieh 5cm allow for just as much versatility, and can be styled in a similar way to the Alma to enable good options for both warm and cool weather – please note that we are not including stormy and monsoon weather here where a good rain-boot cannot be replaced!
Transeasonal Leather Shoes
Transeasonal Leather Shoes Transeasonal Leather Shoes Transeasonal Leather Shoes

Selecting these models means that you are truly investing in options that can be maximized in their use and function. There is no better way in selecting core pieces for your wardrobe that will not only remain with you for years, but also throughout the seasons. 

As always, if you need any direction, guidance or advance on how to make pieces from the Rana Cheikha (or any) Collection best work for your needs, just reach out!

Signing-off: Rana Cheikha for The Shoe Advisor 


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Signing-off: Rana Cheikha for The Shoe Advisor 

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