Handmade vs Machine-Made Shoes

Handmade vs Machine-Made Shoes

Same design, same look, same materials and details even, but a pair of handmade shoes will always just be different. A handmade pair of shoes will have the soul, the story and the love that went into making it, enhancing the item and making it that much more unique.

A machine-made shoe will be made in huge quantities of hundreds and thousands of pairs, meaning it is highly likely that you will bump into someone walking down the street with the same exact pair. But a pair of handmade shoes are unique from the moment the idea of them is sketched out. 

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Here are my top 4 highlights that make handmade shoes so much better than machine-made shoes:

  1. Handmade products are more environmentally friendly
    Mass production factories consume a large amount of energy in their processes, and are therefore harmful in the way they run and the way they rid of waste. They have also been the largest cause of poor working conditions (including child labor), low wages and pollution. Handmade products made in smaller ateliers and workshops are run by experts in the industry, use few to no machines, little electricity and tend to have little waste.
    pattern cutting leather shoes
  1. Handmade products are more flexible in production
    Machine-made products are made with specifications to suit machine capabilities, so if the machine can’t make it, the idea will be scrapped out. If a new or difficult idea is pr
    hand crafting leather shoe
  1. Handmade products are good for the job market
    Investing in handmade products means you are supporting smaller owned business. This helps to create new job opportunities and create direct cash flow into the economy, versus financing huge internationally owned companies. 
  1. Handmade products are worth more
    Artisanal products have more value, they are appreciated more and seen as an authentic and unique investment. Although they are priced higher, and rightly so because of the long process and manpower needed, they also just look and feel better (just read one of our blogs like Custom, MTO & bespoke – Whats the difference?, Taking the Creative into Production or even How to Design a Shoe: Concept to Creation on the topic to discover more).
    hand stitching leather shoes
  1. Handmade products make you feel better about your purchase
    Handmade products tend to be made by smaller business in your local area. This means that you are supporting community businesses, local artisans and also eco-conscious business practices - who wouldn't feel goos about being a part of that?!

    hand stitching leather shoes

The details that are taken into account while making a handmade product (of any kind) is incomparable with any machine made item. Although some may prefer the ‘perfected’ and pristine look of a machine-made product, these are mass produced and bear no life, soul or story. They also do not take into account the small differences that would appear as a result of everyday real-life wear, and handmade products tend to be made with just that in mind - using processes and materials that will actually improve or look better with more wear.

In selecting a handmade product, you are continuing the story that comes with that product and then building onto it with your own experiences. It is a truly worthwhile experience.

Ain oxford leather shoe


Signing-off: Rana Cheikha for The Shoe Advisor 


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