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'Rana Cheikha is Coming to Town'

“AAAAH!” – Taken by this scream of joy, I turned around – “I always see your shoes on Instagram! Wait, let me call my sister!” A frantic hand-wave later, both ladies inspected each pair with bright eyes and ear-to-ear smiles. Holding silver Lail in hand she asked: “do you have it in 40?”. The sales associate steps in to help, while I feel a hand on my shoulder…

“Excuse me, are you Rana?” “No, I am her friend.” –  I replied – “How can I help you?” “I spoke to Rana and was told that you have an Ain city in 38 in stock for me to try on.”
Lail Block Heel Leather Sandal BossaNova Pop Up

By passers and loyal clients alike were stopping by the stand, at Bossa Nova’s Christmas fair (see the events highlights here!), curious and eager to slip into some shoes, and not any shoes, Rana Cheikha’s creations!
Handmade Leather Shoes BossaNova Pop Up

Running a fair stand is not an easy task, between setting up the display, back and forth drives to and from the atelier, keeping track of inventory and following up on special requests and payments, organisation and communication are key.

While Rana’s team handled all these challenges with flying colours, yours truly had more chill responsibilities like taking cool pictures, sharing my Rana Cheikha experience and spreading the word about Issue 1 of TWIW ZINE and sustainable Lebanese fashion.
Handmade Leather Shoes BossaNova Pop Up TWIW Fashion Magazine

It was a pure pleasure to catch up with the TWIW Community and to meet up with the Rana Cheikha squad. Turns out we do not only share similar values, but also similar tastes! Kawkab, Ain City and the Rehan Calf Boot were a success across all demographics and sold out repeatedly!

With all my hopes of seeing you at the next fair, and my wishes for a happy 2024, I am leaving you with the answers to the questions I was asked most:

Handmade Leather Shoes BossaNova Pop Up TWIW Fashion Magazine
Signing-off: Christelle from 
The Way It’s Worn
(And what is TWIW? It's about: 'Shaping a fairer Lebanese fashion industry by connecting the dots between wearers, pieces, artisans and designers')

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